Coffee Roasters – Est. Cape Town, South Africa 2006

Origin was started by Joel Singer in 2006. He wanted to offer South Africans exceptional, quality roasted coffee from around the world. Ten years later, this pursuit continues.

Origin supplies some of the finest cafes and restaurants and hotels in South Africa with exceptional coffee, barista training and ongoing quality support.

Joel and his team are passionate about coffee. From the sourcing of green beans, to precise roasting, blending, grinding and pouring of coffee. Benefitting from preferential relationships with some of the world’s leading quality coffee farmers, Origin is able to source some of the world’s finest coffee beans. All of our green beans have been grown, harvested and processed by growers who have been selected for their immense passion and dedication to quality. We focus on ensuring we have the widest selection of single origin coffees in South Africa.

Artisan roasting differs from commercial roasting in that it is never done to a set formula. The skills of the roaster are essential in revealing the unique character of each coffee. We devote ourselves to a relentless process of experimentation to unlock the full potential of each coffee that we roast. 

Take the time to visit us at Origin Headquarters in De Waterkant, Cape Town and get the full experience. You can meet the artisans, watch the roasting, sit in on a cupping session and get to taste the coffee while it’s still fresh and expressive.

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In addition to roasting South Africa’s best coffees, we also stock a curated list of equipment for you to make exceptional coffee at home – gear that we really believe in.  

We haven’t listed everything that’s around, but we can get you pretty much anything available in SA along with some expert advice.

Our latest
coffee releases

We roast over 50 single origin coffees per year plus our seasonal espresso blends and naturally-processed (chemical-free) decafs.

All of our coffees are speciality-grade and ethically sourced. Most of them are traceable back to the farm so you can find out about the people, the places and the processes that make these coffees exceptional.

Using our more than 15 years of artisan roasting experience, we roast each coffee to achieve its maximum potential in the cup.

Origin Building 2

The Origin of Origin

We decided that it was time for South Africans to drink high quality coffee, poured by professionally trained baristas, using the highest quality beans roasted with pride by a skilled artisan roaster. 

Origin’s owner Joel Singer dedicated himself to bringing this dream to reality. We opened our doors in a beautiful brick warehouse in De Waterkant in May 2006. From day one, our focus has been on developing a hub of coffee excellence that would service the whole of Africa – the continent where coffee was first grown and roasted.

Our barista academy

From our very beginning, we were clear that there was no point in roasting exceptional coffee without training the people who have the ability to bring out its full potential in the cup (or not).

We have been leaders in South African barista training since 2006. We have trained over 3,500 baristas including five South African barista champions.

Whether you want to become a pro or if you just want to learn how to pour great coffee at home, we would love to welcome you to learn with us.

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