New coffee release: Brazil Ecoagricola — Cup of Excellence Lot#25

Coffee nursery

Some of you may have noticed that we have a coffee from Ecoagricola already, which is natural processed and 100% Yellow Catucai. This time around, we picked up a bit of their Cup of Excellence awarded coffee. It’s the same variety but processed using the Pulped—Natural method instead of Natural. Pulped—Natural coffees typically have a […]

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New Release: HONDURAS FINCA EL LIQUIDAMBO - Cup of Excellence Lot#7


Honduran coffee was, until relatively recently, aimed at the commercial market and the country in general was perceived as being a low-price commodity exporter. Through the 90’s, the rest of Central America started becoming known for producing fantastic, specialty lots of coffee, while Honduras fell behind dramatically. It has to be noted that there is […]

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New Release: Brazil São Judas Tadeu - Cup of Excellence Lot#16

The essential intro. Cup of Excellence is affectionately known as CoE ( pronounced : ‘see-oh-eeh’) Lot# is a designation of ranking in the competition. CoE awarded coffees are some of the highest quality beans you’ll find on the planet. They are immaculately processed and if you’ve heard a thing or two about processing, you would […]

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