Aeropress Go


The AeroPress™ has fast become a cult brew method of coffee lovers in South Africa and around the world. The AeroPress Go is engineered to provide all of the brewing capabilities of the original AeroPress while being cleverly nested into a travel mug and carrying case.

Its patented dual brewing method combines immersion and then pressure, allowing you to consistently extract more flavour, more quickly than other manual brewing methods such as pourover, plunger coffee, French press, siphon and moka pot. The micro-fiber paper filter removes all sediment and fines, resulting in a very clean cup, unlike other methods like stovetop moka pots or plungers (then again some people like their coffee like that!).

You can brew using almost any coarseness of grind (but you really should buy a hand or electric burr grinder…). In the hands of a trained barista or passionate coffee lover, you can enhance and highlight different characteristics of your favourite coffees.

It is light, compact, and made from highly durable, BPA-free food-safe plastic. A great travel partner or office desk side coffee maker. The AeroPress Go’s travel cup and case make it the perfect all-in-one espresso and coffee maker.

Our single origin coffees are all packed into 250g bags straight from the roaster. For optimal freshness, if you select 1kg of a single-origin coffee, it will be shipped as 4x250g bags.  
Our blends and decaf are packed into both 250g and 1kg bags. 


  • Quick & easy to use (1-2 minutes)
  • Versatile – can produce a range of cup styles and suitable for a wide range of coffees
  • Faster to brew than pourover dripper / french press / siphon – under a minute
  • Less sediment than Italian mocha pots & French press
  • Lightweight, durable and now even more compact than the original
  • Easy cleaning
  • Also great for brewing loose leaf tea, shortening brew time


  • AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press (plunger with seal, chamber and filter cap),
  • 14g scoop,
  • Foldable stirrer,
  • 350 microfilters,
  • 20 filter carry case,
  • Travel mug with lid doubles as all-in-1 storage container


  • Made from food safe Polypropylene (BPA free)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Weight: 326g including travel container and all parts
  • Dimensions (in travel container): 14cm x 10cm x 10cm
  • Dimensions (coffee maker only): 12cm x 9cm x 9cm
  • Max brewing capacity: 237ml
  • Mug capacity: 444ml

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  • For our visual brew guide on how to make an Aeropress, click here.

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Care Instructions

  • Wash and rinse thoroughly after use
  • Place only on top shelf of dishwasher
  • Store plunger and chamber separately or with plunger fully inserted to ensure the rubber stopper is not being squeezed and under pressure. This will reduce the lifespan of the rubber stopper


  • 1-year limited warranty by the licensed Aeropress importer.