A visual guide to the Aeropress

Aeropress inverted

Step 1:

Ensure all equipment is dry. Turn Aeropress upside down. Place the plunger inside the brewing tube with the black rubber part fastened at number 4.

Aeropress filter cap

Step 2:

Place the paper filter inside the black filter cap, run hot water through the filter. Set aside filter.

Aeropress adding coffee

Step 3:

Use funnel to add 18g of ground coffee into Aeropress chamber. Take care not to spill any grounds.

Aeropress filling with water

Step 4:

Pour 100ml of water 30 seconds off the boil over the coffee until it reaches number 2 within the chamber.

Stirring Aeropress

Step 5:

Use the included paddle to stir the coffee into the water, ensuring there are no dry spots.

Allow the coffee to bloom.

pouring water into Aeropress

Step 6:

Add another 100ml of hot water and stir again in alternate directions (in a circular motion alternating clockwise and counter clockwise).

Allow 50 seconds for the coffee to extract.

Aeropress filter cap

Step 7:

Attach the filter.

Fasten the filter cap onto the Aeropress, ensuring it locks tightly.

Flipping the Aeropress

Step 8:

Hold the Aeropress setup securely between the two sections.

Carefully and quickly flip the Aeropress over to rest on a sturdy cup or pitcher. 

Pressing Aeropress

Step 9:

Plunge slowly for 30 seconds until all brewed coffee has made its way through or until you hear a hiss.

Aeropress Brew Complete

Step 10:

Pour, drink and enjoy