Origin and the WBC

The premiere competition to discover the best baristas in the world

From the earliest days we believed one of the biggest hurdles to establishing us as a world-class coffee culture was building an army of deeply skilled South African baristas.

To raise the bar, South African baristas had to measure themselves against, and push themselves to be among the worlds best at the World Barista Championships. 

To that end, we helped to found the Speciality Coffee Association of South Africa and helped to establish South Africa’s national barista competitions.

We have been active participants and supporters in these competitions throughout the years, and we have received many awards at regional and national competitions – including 5 South African champions.


We believe these achievements are testament to the strength of our team, of the quality of the training in our barista academy and of the quality of our roasting and of our coffees.   

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Origin Coffee and Cup of Excellence

Origin Coffee Roasting has been a supporter of Cup of Excellence since its earliest days and we are one of the few supporters of Cup of Excellence amongst South African roasters.

We have imported many lots over the years so that South Africans can taste some of the rarest and highest quality coffees on earth.

We have personally participated as judges in three CoE competititons – owner Joel Singer, in Rwanda & Bolivia, and our ex-head-roaster Mike MacDonald, also in Rwanda.

I can personally attest to the extraordinarily rigorous competition process and protocols, and the extraordinary quality, skills & experience of the international (and local) jury members.

We have split these lots with other top roasters worldwide including:

  • – Norway – Den Gyldne Bonne
  • – England – Carvetii, Colonna, Dark Woods, Has Bean, Silver Oak Coffee , Bolling Coffee, James Gourmet, Twoday Roasters, Workhouse Coffee Company
  • – Scotland – Dear Green, Artisan Roast
    – Japan – Inoue Coffee
  • – Dubai – Emirati
    – Romania – Origo 
  • – Luxemburg – Knopes Artisan Torrefacteur
  • – France – Caffè Cataldi, Café Lomi
  • – Poland – Java Coffee Company
  • – Singapore – Liberty Coffee
  • – Austria – Kkaffeespezialitaet 
  • – Netherlands – Dutch Barista Coffee
  • – Spain – Cafes El Magnifico
  • – Taiwan – Giuli Co., Ltd
  • – Australia – Melbourne Coffee Merchants, Seven Seeds
  • – Belgiium – Café Knopes
  • – Lithuania – Sviezia Kava
  • – Czech Republic – La Boheme Café

Cup of Excellence Lots Imported by Origin Over the Years


Ethiopia Gumeda Elias Dube – CoE Lot # 19

Score: 87.79
Owner: Gemeda Elias Dube
Region: Shakiso, West Guji

We are proud to have this very special, naturally-processed, lot from the inaugural Ethiopia Cup of Excellence Competition. This is an exceptional, award-winning coffee from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, which can rightfully claim to be one of the premier coffee origins worldwide.


El Salvador Finca San Jose – CoE Lot # 13 

Score: 88.00
Owner: Montana Estates, S.A. de C.V.
Region: Sonsonate, Apaneca-Ilamatepec

Guatemala Finca San Rafael Urias – CoE Lot # 28

Score: 86.40
Owner: Felix Valdés Q. y Hnas. Sucesores
Region: Sacatepequez, Ciudad Vieja


Brazil Ecoagricola Cafe Ltda— CoE Lot # 25

Score: 86.67
Owner: Ecoagricola Cafe Ltda
Region: Francisco Dumont, Minas Gerais


Guatemala Finca Concepción Pixcayá – CoE Lot # 24 

Score: 86.33
Owner: Manuel Guillermo Zaghi Miron
Region: San Juan Sacatepequez,

Mexico Municipio Huatusco – CoE Lot # 3

Score: 90.50
Owner: Coordinadora De Productores De La Zona Centro Del Estado De Veracruz Sc De Rl De Cv
Region: Huatusco, Veracruz

Honduras Finca El Liquidambo – CoE Lot # 7

Score: 88.81
Owner: Guadalupe Rodriguez
Region: Masaguara, Intibuca

Brazil São Judas Tadeu – CoE Lot # 16

Score: 87.26
Owner: Antonio Rigno De Oliveira
Region: Piatã – Ba, Chapada Diamantina


Rwanda Maraba III Sovu – CoE Lot # 20

Score: 86.11
Owner: Ferdinand Ufiteyezu
Region: Huye, Huye, South


Guatemala La Maravilla – CoE Lot # 17 

Score: 85,83
Owner: Rosales Vasquez, Mauricio
Region: La Libertad, Huehuetenango


Guatemala La Esperanza – CoE Lot # 7 

Score: 87.66
Owner: Eleodoro De Jesús Villatoro
Region: La Libertad, Huehuetenango

Rwanda Mibirizi – CoE Lot #5 

Score: 89.03
Owner: Multiple farmers on lot
Region: Rusizi, Western


Guatemala San Julián – CoE Lot # 18

Score: 85.25
Owner: Inversiones Mimosa, S. A.
Region: Palencia

GUATEMALA La Batalla #1 – CoE Lot # 8 

Score: 88.84
Owner: Guillermo Magaña Flores
Region: Alotepec-Metap N., Santa Ana


Brazil Sitio Monte Verde – CoE Lot # 21

Score: 84.96
Owner: Helcio Carneiro Pinto Junior
Region: Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais

Rwanda Abakundakawa Rushashi/ MISOZI – CoE Lot # 13

Score: 86.03
Owner: Musigiyende Casien
Region: Rulindo, Northern

El Salvador San Jose / Shangrila – CoE Lot # 15

Score: 86.15
Owner: Juan Carlos Gregg Meza
Region: Apaneca, Ahuachapán, Apaneca-Ilamatepec


 Rwanda Buremera Mig – CoE Lot # 3

Score: 89.41
Owner: Nzirorera Lanouard
Region: Huye, South

Colombia Mirador – CoE Lot # 26 

Score: 85.75
Owner: Jesus Lizcano
Region: Cubarral, Meta


Guatemala Viviano – CoE Lot # 12

Score: 86.91
Owner: Gutierrez Vasquez, Viviano
Region: Jalapa, Jalapa