Chemex pourover

Step 1:

Fold filter paper to fit into the Chemex brewer chamber. Place the section where the paper folds into 3 layers in the direction of the spout.

Chemex set up

Step 2:

Pour hot water into the Chemex to rinse the paper filter and heat the vessel.

After 20 seconds pour the water out through the pouring spout.

Chemex with coffee

Step 3:

Pour 34g ground coffee into the filter and give the Chemex a gentle shake to level the grounds.

Press your finger into the grounds to create an indentation in the coffee bed, a little concave area to assist with evenly saturating the coffee grounds once you pour the water.

Chemex Brewing

Step 4:

The First “Bloom” (duration 30 seconds).

Measure 400ml of water just off the boil.Slowly pour around 50ml of water onto the coffee grounds circling from the centre outwards to wet all the grounds.

The coffee will release CO2 and you will see the coffee bed expanding and bubbling. This is “The Bloom”.

Allow 30 seconds for the first bloom, then pour about another 50-60ml of water to allow for a second bloom, this time with a much shorter duration (around 10 seconds).

Chemex Brewing

Step 5:

The third and final bloom: pour in 50ml increments with a few seconds in between each pour. Pour in a circular motion from the centre out steadily. Avoid pouring against the sides.

Chemex Pourover

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Chemex side view

Step 6:

Stop pouring once you have reached 400ml or the bottom of the dimple in the side of the Chemex.

Once all of the water has passed through, remove the filter and grounds.

Pouring a Chemex

Step 7:

Pour, drink and enjoy.