Timemore Go Rechargeable Grinder


The Grinder Go is a USB-rechargeable, cordless, portable, conical burr coffee grinder. For anywhere from kitchen to out in the bush, this is an exciting addition to Timemore’s range of award-winning, manual coffee grinders.

Its high quality, conical, stainless steel burrs deliver excellent grind consistency. Grind uniformity is the most important aspect of a coffee grinder as it allows for better and more consistent extraction.

The Go is easy to use, compact and lightweight and it is also super quiet. The grinder has a bean capacity of 80g (4-5 cups), and grinds up to 60g (3-4 cups) at and time. It also switches itself off using a smart on/off switch.

The stepped adjustment screw is easy to access and use, allowing for all coffee grind settings from filter up to moka pot (and espresso – at a push). Grinding speed is impressive for a battery operated device – grind 20g for pourover (28-30 seconds), filter/plunger (23-25 seconds) or moka pot (35-40 seconds).

Our single origin coffees are all packed into 250g bags straight from the roaster. For optimal freshness, if you select 1kg of a single-origin coffee, it will be shipped as 4x250g bags.  
Our blends and decaf are packed into both 250g and 1kg bags. 


  • Grinder range – plunger (French press), filter, pourover/Chemex, AeroPress, moka pot/ stove top espresso. Can do home espresso at a push, but this grinder is not ideal for espresso due to lack of precise adjustment of these finer grind levels.
  • High-quality and durable stainless steel conical burrs
  • Extremely quiet and light weight
  • Cordless. Recharges via USB-C cable from your car, power bank or even your laptop
  • Hopper bean capacity 80g (4-5 cups)
  • Grinds up to 60g (1-4 cups) at a time
  • Auto off switches the grinder off automatically after 3 seconds when it senses there are no more beans
  • Automatic grinding safety feature helps prevents motor burn out or burr damage if hard items get stuck in the mechanism while grinding.


  • Burrs: High-precision CNC stainless steel E&B burrs
  • Can grind 30 times 15g of coffee per full charge
  • Batteries: Two 800mAh lithium power batteries (7.4V) giving 20W of power
  • Charging is via USB-C (cable included)
  • Takes 2-3 hours to fully charge
  • Weight: 660g


  • Do not use whilst charging
  • Do not grind very light roasts at 0-2 clicks (espresso range).


  • 1-year warranty by the Timemore’s official South African distributor.