We supply coffee and our expertise, across South Africa, to those who wish to serve the best quality coffee in South Africa. Our thrill lies in the pursuit of mastering the creation of the perfect cup and sharing the knowledge that we’ve picked up along the way.

Our seasonal espresso blends are made of high quality, speciality-grade coffees from several origins. Flavour, body and acidity profile are well-balanced which make it perfect for straight espresso and milk-based espresso drinks. Most of our customers pour our seasonal espresso blend, which is designed for broad appeal and to make it easier for baristas to achieve consistent results (extraction) relative to some single-origin coffees.

At Origin, we believe in ongoing commitment and a partnership in quality. We are there for the long haul – from planning and setup stages to menu development, equipment consulting, and training of your baristas, floor staff and managers.


Professional barista training is just a first step to becoming a skilled, experienced barista. Training is provided free of charge to all wholesale baristas. Additionally, we regularly visit our customers to have a cup, talk shop, share information, identify & resolve issues, improve quality, and mentor baristas in furthering their skills.

We courier our freshly roasted beans weekly to our customers and have a team dedicated to our wholesale business. Over 5kgs of coffee per week we will courier to you free of charge.

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Proudly Pouring Origin Coffee

Origin is served by over 100 cafes, restaurants, guest houses and hotels across South Africa. Some of our customers are:


The Pot Luck Club

The Shortmarket Club

Peregrine Farm Stall



Pulp Kitchen



Bistro 1682

Allan Gray


Jacksons Real Food Market


Social (Parkwood)

Social on Main

Richmond Studio