El Salvador Finca El Aguila post harvest sorting

Finca El Aguila is owned by Mauricio Ariz and his sons – 4th and 5th generation coffee farmers. The finca occupies 63 hectares very near, just north of the Santa Ana volcano. 43 of these hectares are given over to coffee: the remaining 20 hectares are dedicated to nature conservation or have been planted with cypress trees.


A look at the specs

Farm:  Finca El Aguila.
Varietal(s):  Red Bourbon.
Processing:  Washed, sun dried & finished in Guardiolas.
Altitude: 1,500 to 1,720 meters above sea level.
Owner: Mauricio Ariz Silva
Town: Chalchuapa.
Region:  Santa Ana
Country:  El Salvador
Total size of farm:  63 hectares
Area under coffee: 43 hectares

El Salvador Finca El Aguila
El Salvador Finca El Aguila


Social and Environmental responsibility

The Ariz family are committed to keeping the primary forest within the property untouched. The family also supports the Ojo de Agua community with workers and materials to maintain two access roads, as well as providing a water supply to the community from their water reservoirs. It is hoped that the coming years they will be able to facilitate access to electricity for the community, as well.


Red Bourbon

Red Bourbon grown in El Salvador is quite a bit different to Red Bourbon grown in Africa. It’s certainly less acidic and fruity overall. Sweetness associated sugar caramelization by-products tend to come to the surface more via roasting. Expect to experience more of those dessert like characteristics.

This is of course- my opinion, your results may vary.

Today in Latin America, Bourbon itself has largely been replaced by varieties that have descended from it, notably Caturra, Catuai, and Mundo Novo. However Bourbon is still being cultivated somewhat prolifically in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Peru.

Proud cherry pickers of El Salvador Finca El Aguila
Proud cherry pickers of El Salvador Finca El Aguila


The Santa Ana Volcano

El Salvadors highest and most active volcano- Santa Ana (also known as Ilamatepec) is a stratovolcano built up of alternate layers of lava and ash about 45 km west of San Salvador city. It is El Salvador’s highest volcano and one of its most active. In 1722 Santa Ana produced a lava flow that traveled 13 km to the east. One can deduce that Santa Ana has created the optimum soil environment for coffee farmers to flourish.



In the cup, expect- Smooth with a brown sugar sweetness, fresh dates, cinnamon. Most suitable in pressurized brew methods.

Enjoy the brews.