Colombia Ignacio Quentero

This micro-lot was produced and processed by Ignacio Quintero, a smallholder member of the ASORCAFE – Inzá, Cauca producer group. Occasionally, with coffees from ASORCAFE,  you’ll see us (at Origin) selling a micro-lot from a single producer. This micro-lot is a great example of what this remote region of Colombia offers.


A look at the specs

Farm: Finca Buena Vista
Varietal(s):  70% Colombia, Caturra & Castillo
Processing:  Washed, fermented for 24 hours & dried in beds under plastic roof Altitude: 1 850 meters above sea level
Owner: Ignacio Quintero
Town: Alto de Topa
Region:  Inzá, Cauca
Total size of farm:  10 hectares
Area under coffee: 10 hectares

Colombia Ignacio Quentero


What’s the deal with microlots?

ASORCAFE represents around 450 producers from across the Department of Cuaca. This lot has been selected and isolated from Sr. Quintero’s production. Every single producer delivering to the group has their lot cupped by the Association’s cupping lab in Pedregal. Lots scoring 85 points or more are reserved for the Inzá, Cauca microlot offered by Mercanta.

So these micro-lots are essentially more traceable lots of coffee that have normally been produced by one Farmer, and sometimes just one section of the farm, for example – if there is a difference in micro-climate, soil composition, etc. First and foremost they separate these lots out due to their exceptional cup profile. As an interesting aside, they normally come in vacuum sealed 30kg cartons, as opposed to 70kg sacks.



In the cup expect blackberry jam and dried apricot, with a slightly tangy, berry-like acidity. Seems to work best for Pourovers, Mokapots and Espresso.

A tasty and satisfying daily drinker, as are the other Colombian micro-lots we’ve sold in the past. Excellent bang for your buck right here folks. But….it is going fast.

Until next time.