Brazil Ecoagricola coffee nursery

Ecoagricola started in the 1970’s as a forestry business,  growing pine and eucalyptus. In 2000, the two brothers Marcelo and Roberto took over farm management from their father- Henrique, and started planning the farms future for the next 30 years. They had a desire to diversify and found that coffee was a perfect fit for their region. And the interesting thing is- there are no other farmers in the Serra Do Cabral region producing coffee.

These guys are tapping into the unknown. As you’ll see below, they’ve already placed in the prestigious cup of excellence competition for 2017 in the Natural and Pulped Natural Category.


A quick look at the specs

Farm:  Ecoagricola
Varietal(s):  Yellow Catucaí
Processing:  Natural
Altitude: 1,100 meters above sea level
Owner: Ecoagrícola Café Ltda. (Marcelo and Roberto Flanzer)
Town: Francisco Dumont
Region:  Serra do Cabral, Minas Gerais
Country:  Brazil
Total size of farm:  1,500 hectares
Area under coffee: 342 hectares
Prizes: 2017 Cup of Excellence placed in both Natural and Pulped Natural category.

Brazil Ecoagricola Roberto
Brazil Ecoagricola Roberto

Sustainability and ethics are a part of Ecoagricola’s beginnings. Long before this became a thing the Flanzer’s had already preserved vast areas within their land. Hundreds of hectares remain almost untouched. Preservation, it seems, is built into the company’s name: “Eco” refers to “ecological” and “Agrícola” means “agriculture”.

Ecoagricola interact with the small farmer communities that surround them and have helped many of these farmers with fiscal education so that they will be able to sell the company produce for their canteen and also to other companies and markets. Marcelo and Roberto participate in their community gatherings and try to find ways to think together as a community so as to assist with the hardships facing their neighbors. They also help the farmers directly by investing in particular community needs, such as school related repairs, uniforms for students etc.


Brazil Ecoagricola Marcelo
Brazil Ecoagricola – Marcelo

I was fortunate enough to meet these amazing guys on my trip to Brazil (October 2017). One of the most organized operations I’ve seen to date for sure. Oh, and they have the most beautiful trees I have ever seen.

In the cup, expect treacle sugar, dried fruit with a hint of blackberry.

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A note from Marcelo at Ecoagricola

“Hey Michael, thanks! We are doing fine. Just back from the farm, we’re investing in new dryers and sorting machines. As well as our first solar plant that will generate some 20% of our needs in the first phase. Very excited for that! Should be ready in 3 months. We are very happy to have our single origins being released in South Africa with you. That’s important for us and our team to see and “participate” in the last piece of the chain.
All the best my friend!”