Hario has made quite a name for itself in the specialty coffee scene and has received a plethora of design awards  but is best known best for their iconic V60 dripper.

The name is derived from vector 60, a reference to the 60 degree angle of its cone. 


The options when considering purchasing a Hario V60 dripper

The V60 was first introduced in ceramic and glass, then plastic, and finally in metal, including copper.

  • Ceramic – Just for the aesthetics
  • Glass – Just for the aesthetics
  • Plastic – Light weight with decent thermal retention.
  • Stainless steel- Durable
  • Copper- Intended for highest thermal retention and durable.

For those who intend to keep high temperatures in the slurry( brewing coffee) throughout the brewing cycle, plastic or copper would be best.  High temperature retention would be used as a means to manipulate extraction.

Hario V60 blooming
Hario V60 pourover – coffee blooming


What happens in the brewing process

Brewing devices such as the Hario V60 dripper have a unique brewing dynamic, using only gravity to extract the coffee. It’s pretty straight forward. Pour water on top of the coffee, as the water passes through the ground coffee, solubles diffuse into the water. Voila.

Percolation is obviously the main occurrence here. and normally diffusion will occur more powerfully from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. Perhaps this is one reason why Plunger brewed coffees don’t taste that bad if you leave them to extract for much longer than intended, and the same goes for Cuppings. Because in this situation all of the water is in the vessel at the same with the coffee, so as the coffee extracts, diffusion( extraction) slows down at some point.

With V60 drippers, as water passes through, you add more fresh water and increase the area of low concentration, ergo, diffusion does not slow down and you get a higher extraction than expected.

You can change the profile of the coffee by the way that you pour. It’s also important to note that various compounds will extract at different rates.

  • Pouring in smaller increments normally creates a chewier, heavier brew.
  • Pouring in larger increments creates a lighter, somewhat more acidic brew.

Your results may vary somewhat.

Hario dripper V60 side view
Hario dripper V60 – coffee brewing

To enjoy Hario V60 brewing at home, it’s preferable to use a dedicated goose neck kettle and a scale.

When you have these items, then you can start controlling the brew.

V60’s are fairly quick and easy to brew and also easy to clean. It produces an approachable cup that most people will enjoy, granted the right coffee is chosen. Central and east African wet processed coffees work really well most of the time.


For a Hario Dripper brew guide click here.

Buy your Hario Dripper from Origin De Waterkant or Maboneng R299