What is "Single Origin" coffee?

Coffee beans

Single Origin coffees are synonymous with distinctiveness. It’s important to know that terroir has a real effect in the coffee industry. In general- Single Origin is a term used for coffees from a single geographical location, as opposed to blends or non- traceable coffees. And by ‘single geographical location’, I mean- a single farm; estate; […]

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The Importance of Traceability

Jorge in Ethiopia

From my early day visits to the coffee farms, to now, 10 years of learning about this industry and the product we love so much – Coffee. In this industry we have come to learn so many terms and phases: from “the age of discovery” to “commercialization”, “secret stimulate leaf” to “the great commodity”, from […]

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Coffee brewing theory: After the workshop

Understanding coffee brewing from all facets can be quite convoluted for some at times. Some people prefer to keep it simple. Understandably so, considering coffees history and consequent evolution over the last few years. So in an attempt to speed up Cape Town’s  ‘coffee-logic’, I decided to go a little further down the rabbit hole […]

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After the workshop: a description of coffee varieties.


After the workshop: a description of coffee varieties. To date- there are 125 species of coffee. Specialty coffee roasters use only one – Arabica. It’s the most genetically superior species available- and because of this will have a much higher level of quality, complexity and flavour. Arabica consists of many varieties grown globally mostly between […]

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