New Coffee Release: Guatemala Finca Las Nubes

Guatemala Las Nubes

Finca Las Nubes is located high in the mountainous region of Esquipulas on Guatemala’s eastern border – almost edging on Honduras. The area is populated with pine and cypress trees and is a natural haven for many species of wild birds. The farm is remote – some 236kms from Guatemala City and around a 10-hour […]

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New Seasonal Blend: Spring Blend 2019

Origin Coffee Roasting

Spring Blend 2019 Tanzania – Origin Mill (Rafiki) Uganda – Kapchorwa Mexico – Finca Guadalupe Zaju Flavour: Maple syrup, subtle rosemary, spicy finish Acidity: Apple, red wine grapes Body: Elegant, light syrupy Roast: Light—medium Suitable for: Mokapot, espresso, pourover, Aeropress   Tanzania – Origin Mill (Rafiki) OWNER Smallholder farmers affiliated with Rafiki mill TOWNVarious small towns around […]

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Siphon — Understanding the brew method

Vacuum brewers were originally designed to pull water through much finer ground coffee by using the force of vacuum in the final phase of the brewing process.   The Grind It was believed those days that finer ground coffee produced a tastier cup. It must be noted that finely ground coffee increases flow restriction and […]

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The French Press — Understanding the brew Method

French Press coffee

An Introduction First off- lets clear up some confusion around the name. In Italy it’s known as a caffettiera a stantuffo. In New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa it’s known as a ‘Coffee plunger’. In UK ,Netherlands and France the name is ‘Cafetière’. In the United States and Canada, it is known as a ‘French press’ or ‘Coffee press’. The coffee press was patented by Milanese designer Attilio Calimani in 1929. […]

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