A visual guide to stovetop espresso

aka Moka Pot, Bialetti, etc​

Bialetti Venus

Step 1:

Fill the bottom chamber of the moka pot with water (just off the boil) up to the bottom of the pressure release valve.

Filling Moka Pot basket

Step 2:

Fill the filter basket* to the top with coffee and gently level off without compressing the grounds.

* Note: You cannot 1/2 fill the basket or brew a 1/2 batch

Bialetti Moka Pot

Step 3:

Place the filter basket into the bottom chamber.

Bialetti Venus

Step 4:

Carefully screw the top and the bottom chambers together. Caution: the bottom compartment will be hot so take care.

Bialetti Venus stove top

Step 5:

Place the pot on a stove plate or gas burner with the heat at about 75% or a flame just big enough to cover the base.

Bialetti Venus Brewing

Step 6:

Pressure built up by the steam allows the extraction to occur. The water from the bottom chamber will make its way to the top chamber, passing through the coffee grounds.

When you hear a hissing, bubbling sound, the extraction is done, this should take about 2 min.

Remove from the heat source quickly, in order to not over extract the brew.

Bialetti Stove Top

STEP 10:

Pour, drink and enjoy

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