Siphon Filter

Step 1:

Soak the fabric filter in warm water for about 5 minutes.

Siphon Fabric Filter

Step 2:

Drop the fabric filter in the top glass component, pull the beaded metal cord down and hook it on the bottom of the siphon.

Siphon bottom chamber

Step 3:

Pour 380ml (3 cup) or 580ml (5 cup) of water 30 seconds off the boil into the bottom glass component.

Assembling a Siphon

Step 4:

Place the heat source (infrared, spirit or butane burner) underneath the glass component. Set the heat on high.

Carefully insert the top component inside the bottom glass at an angle – do not seal.

Siphon Coffee Brew

Step 5:

Just before the water in the lower chamber reaches a boil, carefully secure the top component, ensuring a good seal with the rubber ring, without pressing too hard.

Siphon Brew

Step 6:

Observe the water moving from bottom into the top vessel.

Once the water is in top chamber, add your coffee to the top and start your timer.

Siphon brewing coffee

Step 7:

Use the included paddle to gently stir the coffee into the water every 10 seconds to ensure even extraction (3-5 times).

After 15 seconds, reduce heat to 60%. Allow the coffee to brew for 50 seconds before turning off the heat.

Siphon vacuum

Step 8:

Take the Siphon away from all heat and stir around the edges of the chamber 6 times.

The change in temperature of the bottom chamber creates a vacuum and pulls the coffee down through the filter.

Siphon Coffee Extracted

Step 9:

Allow a couple of minutes for the brew to cool.

Siphon brewed coffee

Step 10:

Pour, drink and enjoy!