A visual guide to the French Press

Step 1:

Pour water 30 seconds off the boil into the French Press to preheat it.

After 20 seconds pour the water out.

Step 2:

Pour 30g (3 cup) or 54g (8 cup) of ground coffee into the beaker of the French Press.

Step 3:

Pour water 30 seconds off the boil over the coffee, about halfway.

Step 4:

Start your timer and gently stir the coffee into the water, ensuring there are no dry spots.

Step 5:

Add the rest of the water.

Step 6:


Carefully push the plunger into the beaker, lock it into place and push it down, allowing for about 1cm of water between the plunger and the water.

Allow four minutes brewing time.

Step 7:

Firmly push the plunger all the way down after four minutes.

Serve immediately. If left too long, coffee will become bitter.

Pour, drink and enjoy