Barista Academy

For more than 10 years, we have trained over 4000 pro baristas who now pour coffee across South Africa and beyond. Our fully equipped Barista academy offers a range of courses throughout the month.


Our upcoming events are posted below as well as on our Facebook page and can be booked either directly below or through Quicket.

Cupping Sessions

Our Head Roaster, Mike MacDonald, creates an exceptional experience for each Cupping Session. From the coffees tasted to the session’s focus each Cupping is a unique experience.

  • Taste our current coffee offering
  • Learn to taste coffee like the professionals
  • Explore and understand different origins and characteristics of coffee

Maximum 12 people per course

R75 / 1 hour

Cape Town and Johannesburg

Coffee Knowledge Sessions – Sunday Brews

For both the coffee geeks and those who want to grow their coffee knowledge and appreciation. Head Roaster, Mike MacDonald, hosts Sunday Brews and shares his passion and coffee knowledge.

  • Different focus each month
  • Taste various coffees
  • Learn about different coffee varieties and coffee processing
  • Gain an appreciation for fine and speciality coffees

Maximum 12 people per course

R150 / 1 hour

Cape Town only

Home Barista Course

Develop your espresso skills in our new Home Barista course. A practical introductory course full of hands-on experience and demonstrations for home baristas. Learn how to get to get the best out of your home espresso machine.

  • Coffee theory and history
  • Equipment introduction — espresso machine and grinder setting
  • Hands on espresso extraction
  • Basic milk preparation

Maximum 8 people per course

R1000 / 4 hours

Cape Town and Johannesburg

Alternative Brewing Course

Learn how to make good coffee at home without a machine. This practical course is full of hands-on brewing experience and demonstrations for coffee enthusiasts.

  • Coffee theory and history
  • Equipment introduction
  • Brewing basics
  • Hands on alternative brewing

Maximum 12 people per course

R650 / 3 hours

Cape Town and Johannesburg

Professional Barista Course

Improve your barista skills and knowledge by joining our wholesale customer training. Pour and brew coffee at a professional level with our 3 day in-depth coffee theory and a hands-on brewing experience.

  • Coffee theory and history
  • Perfect espresso pour, micro-textured milk and latte art
  • Tools to diagnose and solve their own problems

Maximum 8 students

R3800 / 3 days

Cape Town and Johannesburg

Latte Art Course

Learn how to pour the perfect pattern to finish the ultimate espresso experience. A step by step guide, through the fundamentals of creating a solid base for any type of latte art pattern.

  • The art of steaming/texturing milk for different drinks
  • Free pouring
  • Latte art basics – the heart, the rosetta and the tulip

Maximum 8 students

R750 / 3 hours

Cape Town and Johannesburg

Condensed Pro Course

Refresh your barista skills. The course is shaped to suit each student’s needs, our barista trainer spends time focusing on a personalised, student specific class dynamic.

  • Personalised course content
  • Practical skill improvement
  • Each student works on their own espresso machine

Maximum 2 students per class

R3000 / 1 Day

Classes are available Tuesday to Saturday (depending on availability)

Cape Town and Johannesburg

Coffee Consulting

One-on-one coffee consultation with an Origin barista trainer. Develop your barista skills or learn how to use your own coffee machine, we will design a coffee course to suit your needs.

  • Personalised course content
  • Private course


Available upon request

Cape Town and Johannesburg